Introducing the Mind Lamp™

Studies at the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) Laboratory have suggested that the mind has the subtle capacity to influence the output of devices known as Random Event Generators (REGs). The Mind Lamp is a new ambient LED lamp, created by Psyleron, in collaboration with researchers from the PEAR lab. By exerting an influence on the quantum-scale probabilistic events that control it, your mind may be able to affect the colors that the Mind Lamp displays.

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The Mind Lamp was developed by Psyleron, Inc., an organization founded by PEAR scientists and associates for the purpose of making technology related to mind-matter exploration more accessible to the public.

Inside the Lamp

The Mind Lamp is much more than a simple color-changing light― its colors are responding in real time to processes that are shown to be influenced by the human mind. At the heart of the Mind Lamp is a precision device known as a random event generator (REG), which was designed by engineers at the PEAR lab for use in scientific experiments.
Electron Tunneling REG
To produce digital output, the REG uses a quantum phenomenon called electron tunneling, which is measured as a randomly fluctuating current across a potential barrier in an electric circuit. Surprisingly, and in a way that violates conventional theories in science, the PEAR researchers found statistically significant correlations between the output of the device and human intention in a variety of well-controlled experiments. The mechanism by which this occurs is unknown, and is the subject of ongoing research.

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Mind-Matter Interaction?

Research conducted by the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research laboratory, at Princeton University, produced compelling evidence of an unexplained connection between consciousness and the physical world. In rigorous studies directed by Robert G. Jahn, then Dean of the School of Engineering, REGs and other probabilistic devices were seen to behave very differently when they encountered consciousness.
Mind Matter Interaction REG Research
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User Reviews

"This is by far the coolest light toy and intention measuring device I have ever encountered."
- Jael, Seattle
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The Mind Lamp Package

New Multi-Mode Mind Lamp: the Mind Lamp body is made of sandblasted glass, with an opaque exterior and glossy interior. The lamp has an aluminum bottom plate that contains the random event generator core, processing circuitry, high-power LEDs, and diffusion cap. The Mind Lamp consumes very little power and the LEDs do not burn out.
Mind Lamp REG Plate
The lamp can become white, red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple, or magenta, depending on the behavior of the random event generator. Our new version (now shipping!) has two operational modes: White-To-Color mode, in which the lamp stays a pure white and changes to one of the eight other colors depending on the REG; and Rainbow mode, in which the lamp moves from color to color according to the REG. Some prefer different modes for different uses. For example, most people prefer White-To-Color when attempting to directly influence the lamp, but Rainbow when running the lamp in the background (meetings, work-out sessions, or just sitting on the coffee table at family gatherings).
Mind Lamp Modes
Handbook: each lamp ships with a 50-page, full color handbook. The handbook details the various components of the lamp, and the minimal setup involved. It explains the relevant research into mind-matter interaction, and provides useful strategies for getting the lamp to change colors. The handbook contains a large section on scoring effects on the lamp with statistical tests, and suggests several games, social feedback situations, and other creative uses.

Power Adapter: the Mind Lamp ships with a 5.5V DC power adapter. The adapter is black and low-profile. It is fitted for 120V North American outlets, but a European adapter can be requested at checkout.
Mind Lamp Accessories offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are unhappy with your purchase, and a 1-year parts and service warranty on defective lamps. If your lamp malfunctions or arrives broken, just send it back for replacement or repair. International and expedited shipping are available. The Mind Lamp is securely padded for shipment.
Mind Lamp Package
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You can order the Mind Lamp now, and explore for yourself the world of random event generators, consciousness, and the potentials of mind-matter influence. If you have any questions please have a look through our Blog page.

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