2009 Stanford Cool Products Expo

Posted by Ian on April 11, 2009 at 1:05 PM ET

Psyleron was at the Stanford Cool Products Expo (CPX) this year to present the Mind Lamp and SyncTXT. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to check us out, and the many bloggers who wrote us up. Some of the neatest gadgets we spotted at the Expo included Siftables, little cookie-sized computers developed at the MIT Media Lab with the goal of letting people "reach in with both hands and grasp information physically." At Psyleron, we see ourselves as doing something similar: developing new ways of interacting with digital devices, and creating tools that are conscious of the nuanced ways we humans exchange information with the world around us. But our mechanisms are quite different.

The coffee drinkers among us were surprised to see Aerobie, the company that makes those flying discs, now makes a high-tech coffee press. See a photo of their demo at the Expo here. We're eager to brew up some Small World Joker Poker Blend.