2010 Stanford Cool Products Expo

Posted by Ian on April 8, 2010 at 3:08 PM ET

We showed off the new Multi-Mode Mind Lamp at this year's Stanford Cool Products Expo (CPX).  Thanks to everyone who stopped by to ask questions.

The Multi-Mode Lamp includes the new white-to-color mode, in which the lamp rests on pure white, and changes to one of eight colors depending on the output of the built-in random event generator.  Each of the eight possible colors is equally likely to appear.  Because of the equal probabilities of the 8 colors, it's easy to conduct informal experiments to score your mind's effect upon the lamp using simple statistics.  (Specifically, using the binomial distribution with p = 1/8.)

Also at the CPX this year were NeuroSky (creators of the MindSet brainwave-sensing headset) and OCZ Technology (creators of Neural Impulse Actuator headband).  These are EEG-based devices that allow you to control computer software with your brainwaves.  We're often asked about how these devices compare to the Mind Lamp, so we'll devote a separate blog post to that topic.

We were also excited to see Joby (makers of the Gorillapod) and Think Gum (caffeinated chewing gum!) among the many exhibitors at CPX.