New Mind Lamp Time Lapse Video

Posted by Ian on May 12, 2009 at 4:23 PM ET

There's a new time-lapse video of the lamp in action on the Photos and Videos page. This video has a story behind it, told here by one of our employees:

"When I recorded this, I left the Mind Lamp unattended for an hour. Looking at the video now, it's notable how slowly the colors changed during that hour. This is consistent with what we expect to see—absent the mind's influence, the lamp is calibrated to act in a slow, random fashion.

"During that hour-long period (condensed to 60 seconds in the time-lapse) there was only one point at which I walked over to glance at the lamp. It's easy to pick out in the video, because I shook the floor, and the camera moved slightly. It's at 1:22 in the video. As you watch the colors changing, you can see that this brief moment coincides with the fastest color change in the hour-long period (from magenta to green).

"This makes sense, because fast color changes are more likely to happen when the REG inside the lamp is producing strongly imbalanced data, as often happens at times when a person is paying close attention to it.

"It's exhilarating to see cases like this, where our knowledge of the research on REG effects is validated by the experience of using the lamp."

Go to the time-lapse video.