The PEAR Lab In The Lost Symbol

Posted by Ian on October 8, 2009 at 10:41 AM ET

In Dan Brown's new #1 bestseller The Lost Symbol, heroine Katherine Solomon manages a lab studying the interaction of random event generators and human consciousness. Brown conceives of Katherine's lab as a futuristic version of the PEAR lab at Princeton University, the place where Psyleron (that's us, the creators of the Mind Lamp) was born.

For 28 years, PEAR was the nexus of random event generator (REG) research. The lab closed its doors in 2005, not because of a fiery explosion (as Dan Brown might imagine) but because founders Robert Jahn and Brenda Dunne were ready for retirement. Jahn and Dunne now serve as advisers to Psyleron, helping us carry out our mission of making REG technology universally affordable and accessible to scientists and the general public.

Psyleron today offers a line of USB random event generators for research and home use, built according to specifications developed at PEAR. This same REG hardware powers the Mind Lamp and SyncTXT. For more information about how the Mind Lamp's color changes are driven by REG output, check out the Inside the Mind Lamp page.