Inside the Mind Lamp™

A lot is happening inside the Mind Lamp. What seems to be a simple color-changing process is actually the result of sensitive circuitry that uses a process called electron tunneling to measure quantum-scale probabilistic events—the kind of events shown to be subject to the influence of the mind.

In electron tunneling, electrons encounter a potential energy barrier. Depending on its wave function, each electron has a certain probability of staying on one side of the barrier, or suddenly appearing on the other. At the heart of the Mind Lamp is a device called a random event generator (REG) that utilizes this phenomenon to create a digital output.
Electron Tunneling AnimationElectron Tunneling
According to quantum theory, the digital outputs of the REG are intrinsically random. A microprocessor inside the Mind Lamp monitors the statistical characteristics of the REG's output, looking for statistical patterns. These patterns are used to adjust the red, green, blue, and white color balances of a set of high-power LEDs.
Inside the Mind Lamp
The result is a rich and fascinating color display, as the Mind Lamp moves between deep hues of red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple, and magenta, depending on the behavior of the REG.
The Assembled Mind Lamp
Because of the Mind Lamp's technology, its behavior is not predetermined. The behavior of the lamp is ultimately driven by probabilities derived from the nanoscopic realm, where the rules of determinism can be very different.

But the most interesting feature of the Mind Lamp, is the significant evidence that probabilistic systems (like its internal REG) can be influenced by the human mind. In other words, that our minds (our intention, thought, emotion, and the subconscious processes) can influence the colors of the lamp. This concept is explored in greater detail in the research section.

The Research

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