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"I've been playing with the Mind Lamp for about two months now. It is a very useful device, especially for measuring ambient awareness. I've noticed that during specific activities (especially mental activities) the lamp remains blue/aqua for upwards of an hour. While socializing with friends, the lamp tends to stay in the warm hues of red, orange and yellow.
This is by far the coolest light toy and intention measuring device I have ever encountered. Thank you so much for making REG tools available to independent researchers - it makes a world of difference when cataloguing results."
- Jael, Seattle

"Thanks so much for your email - The Lamp arrived today!! I've just plugged it in, and am riveted! It is wonderful - I am so happy I ordered it. Many thanks again."
- Felicia, NY

"I was giving a lecture on brainwave entrainment and it's application to REG manipulation, citing the Mind Lamp as an example of testing results. I pointed it out and a young lady in the audience asked "Will it turn red (from pale green)?". I said "Let's give it a shot."
Focusing our group intention it turned deeeeeep red in a matter of seconds. We tried again for blue and sure enough it changed immediately. What really stood out about this demonstration is that it flowed in perfect rhythm with the speed of my lecture which greatly helped my credibility on a partly unbelievable subject.
Last night I sat down to watch a film investigating psi. During this screening (104 minutes) the lamp held in the aqua/blue/magenta range for the majority of the time save for when it went red as I left the room for a moment."
- J. T, WA

"My lamp tries to match the color I'm wearing when I walk in, is that normal?"
- S.N., Saskatchewan

"I received the Mind Lamp and I only wanted to let you know, that it is a remarkable and a groundbreaking experience! Along with my husband, we are working on the human-lamp interaction and it seems, that we are getting to know each other:) Thank you for your help!"
- Oliwia and Krzysztof, Poland

"I've been a Mindlamp owner for some months now. I like to leave the lamp on when I have company to see what effects may happen. I have tried a few experiments with good results. One noticeable effect is during times of extreme emotion or concentration, the lamp tends to stay red or magenta. Especially during intimate encounters. If I'm playing a new song on drums, and I'm struggling to keep up, it will be red.
I've also experimented with sound frequencies. One frequency, after about 5 minutes or so kept the lamp green. While I have a hard time changing the color directly, the lamp will reflect the changes in the atmosphere indirectly, ie, when I stop trying so hard.
One really fun thing I found was this. Right before I plug the lamp in I state the lamp will be a particular color. Oddly enough, the red indicator light comes on in the base, but the light does not. It's almost as if it's thinking, and after 10-15 seconds, it will come on, and statistically in my favor it will come on to the color I have intended. Very cool stuff."
- Willie T., WA

"I bought this lamp as a gift for my mother, but couldn't resist taking it out to play with upon arrival (a month before her birthday). My wife and I tried intently staring and "willing" change, with no discernible results. After a while, we felt that the lamp was observing us in some way.
Sitting and reading, the color remained largely in the aqua range; playing guitar or piano it moved through more colors. Placed near a window where we could see it from several blocks away on our nightly walks, it generally glowed deep red as we approached home.
My mother was delighted with it (though she may be looking to see if it will predict her luck at the local Indian casino!) It's only a matter of time until we purchase another for our home."
- Peter S., USA

"After using the REG-1 for a couple of years, I couldn’t wait to receive the lamp. Before opening the box, I set an intention that BLUE would be "my color." Well, I plugged it in and guess what? Blue!! And it stayed blue so long that I got up and left a few minutes later.
The lamp is placed by the computer monitor and I've noticed that it turns blue and stays blue whenever I'm completely engaged in some form of attention grabbing activity. The first week, the lamp was blue so often than I decided a few days ago that I wanted to set a new intention; to make it orange instead.
This intention has worked remarkably well too! It seems orange might have a "narrower" band than blue because it tends to occasionally waver towards dark orange / red or the other way to yellow / light green, but mostly it will remain on orange for very long periods. As I write this it’s beaming a deep beautiful and pure orange.
With the REG-1, I don’t do so well because my ego takes over immediately when the results become statistically significant; my heart rate speeds up and immediately the trend line plummets in the opposite direction. In other words, I sabotage my own intention with excitement and disbelief.
Before receiving the lamp, I told myself, "if I had been brought up knowing how ordinary it is for human consciousness to affect our bodies and everything around us, then why be excited when I see the results I intend?" Rather, I would expect it in a natural way. This has worked tremendously well. But admittedly, it's not easy to develop a lack of resistance to what one hopes is possible. Often there is a subconscious script running to sabotage the efforts. But apparently my belief system is shifting and I'm becoming more transparent "all the way through the psyche."
In my opinion, thanks to the yet infantile evolutionary state of human evolution, we have tremendous societal momentum against "rocking the boat" of our belief systems and scientific principles which has served us relatively well, but fall far short when it comes to consciousness research.
It's been over 10 minutes, and the lamp is still beaming deep orange, only "wavering" briefly off color for a few seconds while I wrote this feedback. I'm excited, but I tell myself that there is nothing to be excited about – really. It's a natural phenomenon. This realization is already helping me to visualize a positive outcome (with a deep seated belief) to a long-standing personal health issue.
- Peter S., USA

"The lamp is so much fun. The colors are amazing to stare into. What I've noticed about how it works (for me, anyway) is that it will hover around one color, slowly changing into another, until I spin around in my chair and engage it consciously. When I do, often its rate of change speeds up, and cycles through a number of colors. Then the color changing goes back to normal after a short while. I love it."
- Science Writer, USA

"Your lamp places REG into a new, exciting, and for me deeply personal context. I initially used it as beautiful, subtly color-changing decorator lamp in my office. Then it became a "neat thing" for my family, including two skeptical GenY teenagers, to enjoy and make funny comments about ("hey, Dad, notice how it turns red just before you get p...ed at us", which when I had "explained" that there might be some sort of mind-matter phenomenon at work, led to "just think, if you really put your mind to it, you might keep it at yellow"). Then, it became a curiosity, conversation-livener at parties.
Now, after having my lamp for almost 8 months, it has become a more serious (!!) element in my personal study of "weird connections", so that it now serves as a very physical Tao Te Ching, helping me to open up my mind when I have a question or problem that sequential, rational thinking won't answer or solve. One way it does this mind-opening is to stimulate a mood change amid all my mental meanderings, the change in mood opening new doorways, new options, possible new solutions. I have this lamp be only limited by the limits of the mind."
- Peter N., DC

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